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We are honored to Allégorie sustainable and socially-responsible bags and wallets. Allégorie’s puts food waste to great use. Sustainable bags and wallets are made in the USA from discarded fruits, such as apples, mangos, and cactuses. These bags are made in small batches by workers who are paid well above minimum wage. The result is a line of beautiful accessories. When you purchase an Allégorie bag or wallet, you are reducing food waste, preserving our world’s natural resources, and taking care of your community. You can feel good about yourself because you are carrying a stunning bag without sacrificing your respect for people and nature for chic fashion.

Orders over $150 ship for free. We charge $6.95 to ship orders under $150. Orders ship within 2 business days of receipt, and you can expect to receive them within 2-5 business days from the ship date.