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Brangio Italy

Are you looking for leather handbags online? Our beautiful leather bags by Brangio Italy provide a wide selection for you, including bags of genuine leather made in Italy. The collection includes high quality leather handbags, Brangio Italy purses (Brangio purses) that are colorful with a vintage flare, women’s genuine leather shoulder bags, satchels, totes, pouches, multicolored leather handbags, and hand made leather bags,

Brangio Italy, an emerging brand. The Brangio Italy purse is feminine, classy, and high-quality. The designers find their inspiration in Italian architecture, which you will see in the elegant, chic, and even a bit eccentric quality of their pieces. Our Brangio Italy collection includes Brangio purses, the Misty Collection (commonly referred to as Misty Handbag, Misty Purse, Misty Bag, Misty Purses, or Misty Collection Signature Handbag), wallets, and luggage. All pieces with crystals are embroidered on the fabric, into the 2nd layer, with a 1st layer in a cut-out pattern to protect the crystals. Functional, fun, and fabulously beautiful, we hope you love our collection of Brangio Italy bags as much as we do. Policies.