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Designer and fashion model, Stefanie Miller, developed this line of nonslip barre and yoga shoes to solve a problem of slipping that she experienced as a barre practitioner. She sampled other products that claimed to prevent slipping, but none worked as she envisioned. One day the innovative idea came to her while coming in and out of the side plank position during class and later drinking water in a bottle covered with a silicone sleeve.. Fast forward two years after much trial and error, and she created a non-slip silicone shoe that is flexible and which provides an all-over grip that will support the wearer in and out of any Pilates or yoga position, albeit from a side plank to a flat back chair. The Barrelectics shoe is a patented innovation that is versatile in its ability to support you through yoga, Pilates, water sports, boxing, and even paddle boarding. We invite you to shop our Barreletics collection below. The main difference between in-studio performance skins and aquatic skins is that there are holes at the bottom of the In-Studio shoes for breathability.  Click here to view Barreletics' policies.