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Nectar Nectar Policies

Nectar Nectar is an ethical and sustainable fashion brand based in New York. It embodies a contemporary aesthetic, inspired by the world's cultures and traditions, art and architecture. Rare gemstones, precious metals and exotic natural materials are handcrafted into awing pieces of sophisticated jewelry.

Shipping Policy: We charge $8 for orders shipped in the United States.

Return Policy: Returns are accepted within a 14-day window from receipt of your order for items in new and excellent condition.

Social Impact

Nectar Nectar works towards the development of the artisans and their entire ecosystem. Along with our nonprofit partner Nectar Foundation, we proudly adhere to Fair Trade business practices. We are committed to the personal and professional growth of our artisans, providing them with a healthy workspace, enriching their community and protecting the environment.

Nectar Nectar reaches out to families, encourages them to send women to work. The average education of our artisans is about sixth grade. Our artisan development programs provide supplementary training in employable trade skills as well as life skills. Trade skills are provided in jewelry crafting as well as in industries such as agricultural crops, wooden handicrafts and others that are suitable to their background. Our life mentorship modules include literacy classes, business education, intellectual growth, hygiene and nutrition, financial planning and personality development.


Talented artisans worldwide face similar barriers to progress: lack of knowledge of efficient production techniques, international quality standards, global design trends, and access to quality materials, equipment, financing and world markets. Our artisans are part of the Nectar Nectar family and we work hand in hand with them to tackle these constraints.

The Workspace

One of our core values is protection of workers’ rights. We provide the best possible working conditions – a healthy environment, fair working hours, health and safety training, and strictly prohibit child labor and all discrimination. In a society that often restricts women from working, we are proud to defy gender norms. More than 75% of our artisans are women and over 80% of them are mothers. 

The Community

Our partner organization Nectar Foundation runs several other programs to assist the development of the whole community. The following initiatives are currently underway.

Nectar Skills provides supplementary training programs in employable trade skills and life skills to community members. The goal is to transform millions of trainees into warriors who pave the path to growth for themselves, their family and the community.

Nectar Kids assists children’s personal, creative and athletic development through lessons in personal hygiene, communication, athletics and arts. The organization has proposed a community hall, which will be used as a training and recreation center. The goal is to help the overall development of these children.

The Nectar Cow project adopts neglected cattle and entrusts them to the elderly of the village for caretaking. The elderly take great pride and feel a sense of fulfilment in providing the cattle with loving care.

The Nectar Agro project aids farmers’ efforts by testing the soil for fertility, procuring seeds and related materials, acquiring funding, developing efficient processes to manufacture finished product and mediating links between them and world markets. The goal is to motivate farmers to cultivate organic food and industrial crops that are best suited to the natural environment.

The Environment

At Nectar Nectar, we are conscious of our responsibility to the environment. We are increasingly implementing sustainable practices in all aspects of our business to reduce our carbon footprint.

Products are handmade using natural materials such as gold, silver, genuine gemstones, brass metal, fresh water pearls, cords, threads, silk, cotton, jute, glass beads among others - to the extent feasible. Agricultural crops are grown in fertile black soil, which compensates the need for pesticides.

The long-term goal is to maximize manual production and our use of natural resources and to minimize our overall carbon footprint.

Our Personal Stories

"I had a dream to study. It took backseat when I got married at 17 (now 29 yrs old) and later became mother of two sons. I am reliving it again at Nectar Nectar. I learnt to speak in English, working on computers, manage the team etc. I am an inventory manager now. I got an opportunity to represent Nectar Nectar at EPCH trade fair in Delhi where I could confidently talk to overseas buyers and State textile minister Mr. Ajay Tamta. Nectar Nectar empowered me to manage my dreams and responsibilities together in a better way. My family now respect my aspirations."

- Rupali Avdhute

"My sister made me join Nectar Nectar. I’m still very proud that I said yes to that change in my life. At the age of 24, I am a mother of two sons. I faced a lot of domestic violence in my in-law family and ran away one day. My elder son is still with them. I came to Pune alone after leaving my younger son with my parents. I didn’t have money for his education and upbringing. Nectar Nectar stood by me and gave me the confidence to fight against odds. I had joined Sales associate training with Nectar Nectar and got placed with a retail brand Cotton Village. Now, my parents and younger son live with me."

- Pallavi Sasane

"My biggest achievement at Nectar Nectar is the confidence to raise my voice for what I truly believe in. I was married at the age of 15 (Now 32yrs old). When my son got good grades in 10th standard, it was clear that our current financial situation will not be able to support his dreams. I started working at Nectar Nectar against the wishes of my family. Initially it was merely a job but now became an important part of my life. It introduced me to my true potential. I started with manufacturing jewelry but now take care of salary processing, Nectar Nectar database, financial inclusion of new trainees, performance management, admin etc."

- Shakuntala Palapure

"My daughter is my inspiration. She is pursuing B.Sc. Computer science. I want to work hard to provide her all the resources for her education." Nectar Nectar is her first workplace. Financial stability has made her confident. Today, she is open to sharing her passion for stitching and has started working on new designs.

- Savita