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Danyel Cosmetics

Danyel Duo Blender Contouring Foundation - Ivory Petal/Soft Beige & Translucent Powder

$64.99 $69.99

Watch as little flaws disappear - redness, dullness, uneven skin tones, sun spots - Danyel's foundations make everyone's skin brighter. Get full coverage with perfect skin correction that lasts all day!  

Our foundations unifies uneven skin tones and covers imperfections. They give you flawless coverage that last all day with out touch ups. They feel weightless on your skin. 

The duo blenders are the perfect contouring foundations that can be blended to match an skin tone and match adjusting skin tones during and after the tanning season.

Ivory/Soft is used for light to medium skin tones.

 Purchase a Danyel' Ivory Petal/Soft Beige Foundation along with a Danyel' Translucent Pressed Powder for only $49.99!