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PX Clothing

Devin Textured Long Sleeve Tee


  • Upgrade your look with the Devin Textured Long Sleeve Tee! This fashionable tee offers lots of texture and style, so you can be comfortable and confident. And with its long sleeves, you can keep the look going all year round! See why it's the perfect pick for your wardrobe!

  • Long sleeve novelty striped crew neck tee.
  • Made in an eco friendly factory
  • 55% Cotton 45% Polyester
  • Questions about this product, or its sizing? Please contact us.
  • Made In India
    • Style: 8PC1276M Dusty Blue

    About PX Clothing

    Explore the epitome of laid-back Southern California style with PX Clothing, a family-owned Indie menswear line based in Los Angeles. Our collection showcases the perfect blend of timeless design and on-trend styling, providing a cozy and comfortable aesthetic that reflects the unique PX genuine leather jacket.

    PX Clothing is committed to quality design and construction, offering a range of jackets, including the coveted PX leather jacket crafted from genuine leather. Dive into our assortment of trendy fabrics like corduroy and discover the versatility of PX comfortable trousers, tees, sweatshirts, sweaters, and more.

    Indulge in our PX experience, where straightforward and gimmick-free fashion meets comfort and style. Whether you're drawn to the rugged appeal of a bomber biker jacket or the sophistication of a genuine leather men's bomber jacket, our PX Clothing collection has you covered. Our collection also features fall plaid shackets, hooded flight jackets, and Japanese shirt jackets, catering to every facet of your wardrobe.

    As a brand rooted in Los Angeles, we bring you the essence of California living with our California bomber jacket and genuine PX jackets. Browse our PX collection to discover the perfect blend of Indie style and comfort that defines our PX Clothing.

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