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Alexa Martha Designs

Alexa Martha Designs Glamorous Peach Corral Jade Gemstone Crystal Lava Rock Bracelet


Our glamorous handcrafted lava rock bracelets feature 2 high-quality 10 mm authentic Maui Lava Rock Beads, for use with essential oils. The bracelet also features Pantone Color living corral mountain jade gemstones. A sparkly peach AB and Crystal ABx2 bead-woven Swarovski Crystal middle piece harmonize with the color of the gemstones. This model also has sterling silver spacer beads. 

  • Living Corral - Pantone Color 2019
  • Unique Glamorous Design 
  • 10 mm High-quality Peach Corral Color Mountain Jade Beads
  • Authentic 10 mm Maui Lava Rock Beads
  • Adjustable woven slider closure
  • Handmade in  Montana