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Alexa Martha Designs

Alexa Martha Designs Gold Wire Wrapped Caged In Ruby In Zoisite Pointed Crystal Necklace For Him


Handmade messy gold yet elegant and masculine wire wrapped double-terminated pointed ruby in zoisite pendant. This unique pendant features a complex one of a kind 14 kt gold-filled wire wrapped structure encasing the double-pointed terminated ruby in zoisite crystal. The gold wire is twisted and kinked in part to achieve this unique look. The handcrafted gemstone pendant has a 7 mm bail which makes this pendant versatile to be worn with any types of a necklace from chain to leather. Size of the pendant is 1.5 - 2.5 inches x 1/4+ inches

  • Unique wire wrapped 14 KT Gold Filled structure
  • Every pendant will be different
  • Size of the pendant is about 1 3/4" x 3/8"
  • Double terminated pointed ruby in zoisite
  • Crystals vary in color and in size as shown on the picture
  • Necklace lengths is approx 20 inches
  • Made in Montana


Ruby-zoisite is the natural combination of both ruby and zoisite crystals in a single specimen. It is also known as 'anyolite', a name derived from the Masai word for 'green' (anyoli). ... Zoisite provides an earthy green color, while ruby inclusions give it pink and red highlights.