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Alexa Martha Designs

Interlocking Full Overlap Copper Bangle Set


Super cool two handcrafted interlocking full overlap copper bangles super sleek super sturdy 8 gauge over 1/8in solid copper - 2 bangles, but it looks like your wearing 4 bangles. These unique rose-gold-colored 3D dramatic hammer patterned bangles were designed to overlap fully and interlock with each other to give the viewer the illusion of seeing 4 bangles. These bangles are slightly adjustable for the larger wrist. That's why this cool model is unbeatable in elegance and style for men as well.

This listing is for two 8 gauge full over lapping interlocking bangles

  • Original design by Alexa Martha Butler
  • Hammered full interlocking overlapping thick bangles
  • Unique 8 gauge or 3mm thick bangle
  • 3-D Dramatic hammered pattern
  • Solid and bare copper 
  • Bangle adjusts to an 8-inch wrist
  • Copper Care
  • Handmade in Montana


These solid copper bangles with a weight of .9 oz ea. they are not considered light weight. If you have weak wrists we offer 10 gauge bare copper bangles as well.