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Alexa Martha Designs

Queen Warrior Ring


The Queen Warrior Ring is the second item that I designed for the Warrior Jewelry Collection. I designed this awesome ring to raise awareness and to embolden those that feel timid to be reminded of the warrior inside that revolts against anything but the truth as we know it.  Truth is not what we make it and truth is not relative or what everyone wants to believe it to be. Truth goes back to its foundation which is the bible and that Jesus was sent to testify to the truth. With this Ring which is handmade by sculpting  hammered shaped you may declare boldly where you stand on TRUTH.  Each ring is assembled through several different stages of soldering.

  • Original Design by Alexa Martha
  • 4mm Handmade Sterling Silver Band Ring
  • Copper Bezel and Flower Components
  • 18mm Sparkly Rivoli Swarovski Crystal
  • Sterling Silver prongs holding the Crystal
  • The ring is available is in sz. 6, 7, 8, 
  • handmade in montana