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Serenity Walnut - Gold

$25.00 $159.00

Serenity is our slimmest feminine design yet. With its low and curved profile, it provides comfortable wear and adds that extra stylish touch to any outfit. Serenity is classy, elegant and high quality. Its minimalist, uncluttered design promotes calmness, peaceful state of mind, simply serenity to its wearer.

-Sustainable walnut bezel and dial
-Gold stainless steel case
-Sapphire-coated scratch-proof glass
-Citizen Miyota quartz movement
-100% genuine leather


Diameter: 36mm
Thickness: 6mm
Band Width: 14mm

Wood type
Mostly available in North America, walnut is a rich, dark-colored wood.  It is one of the most popular choice among woodworkers for its beautiful wood grain and reliability in producing furnishings. Walnut is used in a variety of applications such as cabins, luxury cars, and airplane finishes.

About Woodstone

We are excited to partner with Woodstone, a brand that offers sustainable and unique accessories. Their founders are two young watch enthusiasts who have traveled the world and found inspiration in people's respect for nature and the use of sustainable materials in their everyday lives.

Woodstone's mission is to create products that remind customers to spend their time well and stay in touch with nature. They advocate for simplicity, good design, and sustainable living, and plant a tree for every purchase made.

Their collection features premium quality wooden watches and accessories made with exotic woods from around the world. Woodstone products are affordable but don't sacrifice on quality. By offering products directly to customers online, they provide high-quality accessories at better prices.

We are proud to partner with a brand that shares our values and commitment to sustainability. Woodstone's core values include good design, high quality yet affordability, promoting mindfulness and self-mastery, and being sustainable. They are determined to use only recyclable materials in their products and packaging.

Join us in supporting this movement towards sustainable living and unique accessories. Shop with peace of mind knowing that your purchase contributes to the planting of a tree with Trees for the Future. To learn more about their tree planting projects, please click here.

Thank you for choosing Himelhoch's Department Store and supporting sustainable brands like Woodstone.

Our Woodstone products ship free to US destinations in 3-6 business days.