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Alexa Martha Designs

Alexa Martha Designs Turquoise Copper Wire Looped Bangle



This gorgeous bangle was designed specifically in copper for you to enjoy the health benefits of copper if you experience pain and stiffness in your hands in the morning like the designer herself does.

"Created from one piece of 7 feet copper 14 gauge copper wire which is sculpted into continuous infinity loops in the end is sculpted into an heart shaped closure. After the band is shaped into the oval bangle form it is adorned with  about 44 semi precious gemstone turquoise jasper 4mm round beads. These are wrapped tightly around the infinity loops with sparkly sterling silver wire. 


  • Original Designs by Alexa Martha Butler
  • 7'continuous 14 gauge bare copper wire
  • 44 turquoise jasper beads
  • Sculpted, hammed forged, wire wrapped
  • sterling silver wire wrap
  • Fits up to a 6 1/2 wrist 
  • The bangle weighs 1.3 oz. +
  • This bangle was designed to fit a normal size wrist


Copper- Stimulates Energy Flow-Enhance Psychic Abilities-Energy Conductor-Amplify Thoughts & Intentions-Enhance Higher Communication-All Chakras 

Copper also is said to help with joint pain and inflammation the designer swears by it.

Turquoise Jasper - is a African turquoise gemstone bead turquoise blue /green in color with a black matrix (black lines and dots). This stone is actually a type of spotted teal jasper and because of it's color it's sometimes wrongly labeled as turquoise, but it is more common and less expensive than its namesake. Turquoise jasper is also more harder and more durable than turquoise. It is said that turquoise jasper reduces headaches, and helps the wearer communicate better,  and even draw money to the wearer.