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Willa Gold Vermeil & Green Tourmaline Gemstone Earrings


Our Willa earrings seamlessly blend vintage charm with contemporary style. Featuring radiant gold vermeil and vibrant green tourmaline gemstones, these earrings elevate any outfit with a touch of timeless elegance. Perfect for everyday wear, the Willa earrings add a sophisticated flair to your look.

Materials & Details

  • Materials: Green tourmaline gemstones and gold vermeil — locally and artisanally mined green tourmaline gemstones masterfully set in 925 sterling silver with thick 18kt gold plating.
  • Size: 24 mm.
  • Each piece is handmade, and slight variations may occur from piece to piece. Our jewelry features a combination of natural pearls and gemstones, each with its own distinctive characteristics. Natural variations in color, size, shape, and texture are inherent in both pearls and gemstones. This is part of the handmade process, adding to the uniqueness and charm of each item.

Story, Sustainability & Impact

This piece was designed in Canada and handmade by master artisans in Murad Khani, Kabul, Afghanistan. Afghan jewelers have worked in isolation, cut off internationally for decades due to ongoing conflict. This collection is made in collaboration with Turquoise Mountain, founded by King Charles to focus on the regeneration of the Afghan crafts industry. Our locally sourced gemstones are artisanally mined and support local families and the rebuilding of old Kabul.

About Truvai

Discover Truvai: The Designer Collection at Himelhoch's

Truvai, derived from the French word "trouvaille" meaning a lucky find, captures the essence of serendipitous beauty in each piece of jewelry. Founded in 2021 by Jenny Lillian, a mother of three, Truvai is a woman-owned Canadian brand that emphasizes slow fashion and positive social impact. Each piece is handcrafted in micro batches using traditional techniques and locally sourced, often recycled or upcycled, materials. Jenny collaborates with global artisans, from Vietnam to North Africa, ensuring ethical practices and supporting small-scale miners and farmers. Truvai celebrates the magic of cultural connections, creating timeless, thoughtfully designed jewelry that empowers artisans and honors their stories.