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Snider Collection

We are thrilled to be the designated City of Detroit and State of Michigan retailer for the Staci Snider Collection.

Staci Snider’s career was spurred by her childhood in Saratoga Springs, New York, where she used to peek into tented garden parties at Calvin Klein’s home to see what people were wearing. We thought it was such a small world because 3rd-generation president of Himelhoch's, Chuck HImelhoch, helped to launch the early career of Calvin Klein in the 1940s and 1950s when Klein was designing coats and suits.

Fast forward to the present day and meet Staci Snider, a much-acclaimed New York designer. A top-notch former track athlete, Staci’s line speaks to the contemporary woman who is on the move — confident, talented, and vibrant. Staci takes us into new ground because she listens to her inner voice and dares to be different. Snider, German for “tailor,” suggests that she was born into a lineage of talented courtiers. Her talent is evident in the details of her designs, which include visible linings, unruly edges, individualistic seams, imaginative textures, shapes, and hues. We're excited to offer her collection to you and invite you to shop below.