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ClaudiaG Color CRAZE Bracelets


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So colorful, so much fun, so easy to mix & match!  These vibrant and eye-catching Boho Chic bracelets are sure to add a pop of color to ANY outfit.

Each handmade style features a unique combination of brightly colored glass beads that create a stunning and playful effect.  

Wear one or stack several together.

Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or adding some flair to your everyday style -or even at the beach- these bracelets are a versatile and fun choice with limitless mix & match options.

Bracelet length: 7.5 Inches

Materials:  These elastic bracelets are made of high quality Miyuki TILA glass beads imported from Japan. TILA beads have a double set of holes, which makes them more secure and have a square or rectangle shape, very different to the round-shaped beads used in most bracelets.

About ClaudiaG

Welcome to our ClaudiaG collection, where affordability meets trendy fashion! This emerging brand, created by designer Claudia Gutierrez, brings you a delightful collection of fun and budget-friendly jewelry, handbags, and accessories. Claudia's upbringing in the Caribbean inspires her designs, capturing the vibrant colors and natural beauty of the tropics.

Explore our Claudia G Collection, offering a range of affordably priced, yet stylish, accessories. ClaudiaG stands out for providing trendy and cute designer items that elevate your style without breaking the bank. While our designs may not be the highest in luxury, we take pride in offering accessible fashion that reflects the essence of Claudia's Caribbean roots.

Claudia Gutierrez, a respected fashion professional, infuses her creations with the affordable charm that resonates with individuals seeking both style and budget-friendly options. Discover the allure of ClaudiaG's signature accessories, inspired by the rich cultural heritage of the Caribbean. Whether you're looking for affordable high fashion designs, trendy accessories, or iconic pieces from a known and approachable fashion designer, ClaudiaG has something for every budget.

Explore our Claudia G Collection below and experience the joy of affordable and stylish Caribbean-inspired fashion that suits your lifestyle. Go here to see ClaudiaG's shipping and return policies.