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Elongated Tamara Earrings


Inspired by our beloved Tamara Earrings, these elongated wonders are like the chic Parisian sister that's just returned from a world tour. Envision the classic Tamara design, but imagine them stretched artistically from the sides, capturing the essence of modernity and avant-garde style!

Our Elongated Tamara Earrings take the quintessential C-shape and give it a trendy pull, think of it as a fashionable stretch into the future. It's as if the cold wind didn't just twist them, but gave them a little tug for that extra oomph! 🌪️œ¨

Don't just step, stride into any room, and let these earrings announce your arrival. From power meetings to sunset soirées, they're not just accessories; they're a statement. Every glance towards you? It's a nod to your impeccable, ahead-of-the-curve style.

So, are you ready to stretch the boundaries of fashion? Dive into the trend wave with the Elongated Tamara Earrings and leave an indelible mark wherever you go!

Material: Sterling Silver (with gold plating for the gold variant)

Dimensions: Height: 1.7" Length: 1.5"  

About ClaudiaG

Welcome to our ClaudiaG collection, where affordability meets trendy fashion! This emerging brand, created by designer Claudia Gutierrez, brings you a delightful collection of fun and budget-friendly jewelry, handbags, and accessories. Claudia's upbringing in the Caribbean inspires her designs, capturing the vibrant colors and natural beauty of the tropics.

Explore our Claudia G Collection, offering a range of affordably priced, yet stylish, accessories. ClaudiaG stands out for providing trendy and cute designer items that elevate your style without breaking the bank. While our designs may not be the highest in luxury, we take pride in offering accessible fashion that reflects the essence of Claudia's Caribbean roots.

Claudia Gutierrez, a respected fashion professional, infuses her creations with the affordable charm that resonates with individuals seeking both style and budget-friendly options. Discover the allure of ClaudiaG's signature accessories, inspired by the rich cultural heritage of the Caribbean. Whether you're looking for affordable high fashion designs, trendy accessories, or iconic pieces from a known and approachable fashion designer, ClaudiaG has something for every budget.

Explore our Claudia G Collection below and experience the joy of affordable and stylish Caribbean-inspired fashion that suits your lifestyle. Go here to see ClaudiaG's shipping and return policies.