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Pattie Parkhurst Jewelry

Fearless! Penguin Geometric Hoop Necklace


"One of the great challenges of modern cosmology is to discover what the geometry of the universe really is." Margaret Geller

This edgy, modern geometric penguin hoop necklace is sure to be your new everyday necklace! These are hand carved and made of Deox Sterling Silver which is a high quality sterling that does not tarnish. T

Foster all the loving bonds and special moments we share with the ones we care about. From gardens to farms, oceans to mountains, small images that celebrate special moments with loved ones.

•    Handmade in Sterling Silver (Other options available)
•    pendant 3/4″
•    Sterling silver 18" chain

All pieces arrive in a gift box. Personal, hand-written gift notes included upon request.

They are also available in gold brass, bronze, or 14k gold. AS ALWAYS, HANDMADE IN USA.

About Pattie Parkhurst Jewelry

Introducing Pattie Parkhurst, a jewelry designer whose bold and beautiful creations are inspired by the landscapes of Colorado and the Tucson desert, as well as her time in Ireland. Her journey began in childhood, and her passion for jewelry grew through metalsmithing classes in college and time spent at the Sweetman Allen studio. Pattie's jewelry is a fusion of traditional techniques and the ancient art of anticlastic raising, a time-consuming process that results in exquisite three-dimensional sculptures. Her collection showcases her creative prowess, with each piece reflecting the beauty of her surroundings and her dedication to craftsmanship. Explore her fearless and adventurous designs, and wear a piece of art that captures the essence of her remarkable journey.

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